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My dudes @fearceofdymedef and @beanoneyuktheworld just dropped the “Let It Be Remix” featuring @grynch206 and I. Hit up or YouTube to check it out. Both farce and bean will be on the road with me for the #watw tour so check em out and come say hello this spring and summer!

Tomorrow @fearceofdymedef and @beanoneyuktheworld drop the “Let it Be Remix” song and video featuring @grynch206 and I. Make sure you check em out and get tickets for the #watw tour so you can see this dude live! Music: tickets: (at moms nut house)

My homie @fearceofdymedef sat down with @beanoneyuktheworld , @grynch206 and myself to make a remix to his song “Let it Be”. We shot a video and all that! The song and video will be available Friday at 12:00 pm (PST). Check it out and make sure you come see his set on the #watw tour. #grieves #fearcevill #yuktheworld

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